Thank you for coming to visit us !


We are currently an organic milking farmer in France with 45 cows.

We would like to transition from animal farming to food farming and to create a sanctuary for farm animals who need help, as well as:

To open a small school for children who have a hard time adapting in regular schools, to spend more time in the company of people who can help them connect with nature, animals and with their natural aspect, with some much needed time away from excessive, unhealthy technological based education and more around natural elements which can assist them to discover and tap into their inner true potential of expanding awareness and learning capacities.

Where they would have the chance to be in contact with gentle animals, which can help them to become more confident in their interaction with other children and adults in society.  

 We are looking for partners, sponsors large and small as well as volunteers, to  adopt in our sanctuary a cow, a sheep, a chicken and other farm animals because our desire and work won't be enough to develop such special project and to feed the animals.

We are currently looking into ALTERNATIVE methods to cultivate various crops of foods/hemp/non GMO soy and consider to become in the near future an educational center based on planetary ecological healing, animal liberation through compassion, vegan education and a healthy food producing center alongside the NATURAL SCHOOL for CHILDREN, where we can teach, heal and pass for future generations a template of HEALING SANCTUARIES for animals  and NATURAL SCHOOL for children and the planet at large.

 We realize that this is a project in transition which requires time, patience and lots of support in every way but our passion and vision for a better, more peaceful, compassionate, healthy and happy planet and with enough financial sponsorship, we can make this happen together.

For us the idea came when we saw our cows going to be killed on the Hallal way (they cut the throat and still alive see their blood living their life)and realizing that killing of any sentient being regardless of how the killing is done became too hard for us to keep going on this way.

Please take a few minutes to have a look and join our vision to create a better tomorrow for our children, the animals and the planet by sponsoring one of our animals, donating and as the project takes off, volunteering.

We can be contacted by email or in person. 06 78 23 90 28 

We are open all week around for anyone who is able to come by and visit our farm for a talk and to see how you can support us.

Please share this project with anyone that you can think of being able to support this important mission project.

The future is in our hands and we can make it happen Together

Soon you’ll have a place where beautiful farm animals will have peace and because the time has come to change mentality and old practices. We have already started in this direction.  

Our main resource for educational materials for our project is this blog where the most comprehensive material on this theme can be found:


With utmost anticipated gratitude, the non human and human beings at our farm THANK YOU!


see our farm on Google map the address is l'ecoublerie 35140 Gosné France


 Many thanks xxxx from Alain , Laurence and family  

le petit lion de louis dessiné et peint par louis
le petit lion de louis dessiné et peint par louis
Famille Ruffault avec notre troupeau de belles vaches
Famille Ruffault avec notre troupeau de belles vaches

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